What is a checkbox?

Checkboxes can be used in two different ways.

One checkbox for each field or question

You can have one checkbox that is either checked off or not. This fits well for questions like "Check here to confirm that you have understood the current terms and conditions", or "Check here if you require transport".

Several checkboxes for each field or question

You can also have more than one checkbox for the same field or question. This is used if you ask questions with several alternative answers and the answers are dependent on each other. 

If you wish respondents to choose between several answers that are NOT dependent on each other you should use other types of fields, e.g. radio buttons or drop down menus, or single checkboxes. Such checkboxes should only be used as multiple choice questions in situations with no other solution.

Checkboxes can be used in two different ways. If you choose just one product, customers can check off if they wish to purchase just that product, or not. However, if you choose several products from the overview, customers can choose to buy all possible combinations of these products. If you choose three products the customer can buy:

  •  none
  • all three
  • only 1 and 2
  • only 2 and 3
  • only 1
  • only 2 etc. This option should only be used if it is important to see the different products in context, for example, if you need to offer complete packages, such as ski equipment rentals (Do you want skis, boots and poles? Only poles? Or no rentals at all?)
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