Using the Count field

The Count field is a number field entered at the time of registration. 

The number a participant enters appears under the Tickets column in the participants list. 

  • The amount entered in the Count field is the only value that appears in the Tickets column.
  • Only numerical values are allowed: 1,2,3,4,5 etc. The allowed values are defined when the registration form is set up. 
  • Ranges CANNOT be entered e.g. 1-4, 5-10 etc.
  • This field is used to show extra participants for whom no personal information is required. 
  • An example event would be the showing of a film and one person is registering a group of colleagues. This person registers themselves and then enters the number of extra tickets in the Count field.

Are there other number fields?

Yes, you can also use a number field for ordering products, but that number will NOT appear in the Tickets column.That field is used for example to indicate the number of t-shirts to purchase.

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