Text messages to participants

It is possible to send text messages to participants under the menu item Communication / SMS message. Choose from several filters. This means that you can choose whether to send a text message only to those who are registered, or invited, or those who are registrars, etc. Click on More filters... to access additional filter options. 

  • If desired, check off Include link to event to include in the text message a link to the registration page for the activity. 
  • Note: You will be billed for each text message you send. The price per text message is NOK 1. Your organization name is displayed as the sender at no cost.
  • When sending to a foreign mobile number, enter country code first, but not spaces, hyphen or plus sign. Only numbers are allowed. Text messages sent to foreign phone numbers will cost more. 
  • Note: smileys and other special characters will lengthen the text message and are not recommended. If you enter more than 160 characters, each message is sent as two or more messages. They are merged into one message when received, but the cost per recipient will be higher. If desired, check off Include link to event to include in the text message a link to the registration page for the activity. The link is 28 characters long and counts when the system calculates how many messages are sent.

More information about the number of characters in a text message:Over 160 characters – each segment will be 153 characters.Under 160 characters – one segment is 160 characters.Messages containing characters not found in the GSM standard – 67 characters per segment.

Note: There is currently no error message displayed when sending to an invalid telephone number. Make sure the phone number is correct before sending. 

Note: Before version 5, there was a restriction on sending text messages to participants at night between 23:00 and 08:00. This restriction has been removed and text messages can now be sent out at any time. Messages can be sent out 24 hours a day as desired by the activity arranger.

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