Privacy Statement Pindena AS

  • When do we register personal information?: 
    • We register information from inquiries via support emails or phones, other inquiries, enter into new customer relationships, sign up for our courses and such. 
    • For support inquiries from our customers, it is registered in our support email system called HelpScout. 
    • In new customer relationships we collect the information by filling out a form. When someone completes our sample solution form, this will be recorded and we will retrieve more information about the person if we need. 
  • What information do we collect from our customers?: 
    • New Customer Relationship: Here, information about finance is collected, because licenses are billed. Information is also filled out in our accounting system, Tripletex. Here information is often retrieved with an organization number, and otherwise as the new customer has filled out in the form. 
    • IP addresses of our users are stored for 14 days. 
    • Support or other inquiries. Here is the information provided by the customer: e-mail, telephone number, name, will be added to our CRM system and email system. 
    • Course: If someone signs up on our course, collect the information they fill out. Name, Company, Email and Phone Number. 
  • What about the information submitted from participants?: 
    • Our customers design their own form as they wish, and collect information that the customer wishes. We do not do anything about the information collected. 
    • Our customers ask about the information they want and the information is stored. 
    • Pindena AS processes this information by storing it in the system, thus storing it on databases on servers. 
    • Pindena AS does not forward to third parties. 
  • What do we use info for: 
    • All information about our customers that we receive upon filling out one of our forms, or inquiries to us, is usually used to communicate with the customer. 
    • Send important information about important updates to the system. 
    • Sending invitations to our own courses in the system. Issue of invoice in our accounting system. 
    • We do not use the information collected by our customers.

Pindenas Privacy statement is up-to-date in Norwegian here:

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