How to attach a PDF or Excel file

You can attach PDF files that then appear on the registration form. We recommend downloading a picture of a PDF icon to use as an image. The PDF file itself is accessed via a link. 

1.    Go to the activity and then the Description field where you wish to attach the PDF file. 

2.    The PDF file link can be attached to an image or a text.

a.    To attach it to an image: Position the mouse pointer in the text where you want to insert the PDF icon. Click on the picture frame icon (Insert/edit image), then the camera icon to insert the PDF icon which you have previously uploaded via MoxieManager. Select the image by clicking in front of it and dragging back over it. Right click on the image and choose Insert/edit link. Choose the PDF file from MoxieManager.

b.    To attach it to a text: Select the text, right click and choose Insert/edit link. Click on the camera icon to choose the PDF file from MoxieManager.

3.    Click OK, then Save, then View.

4.    Participants can then either click on the image or text to open the PDF file. 

The same process can be used to attach an Excel file.Note! Make sure the file size does not exceed the maximum allowed for uploading files (100 Mb) and that the file name contains no spaces or special characters.

Read more about the Description field here.

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