Values, default values and help text

For each field, when you click on the plus sign to the right you have the option to fill in the following:

Values: These are required when using the checkbox and radio button field types. Enter the answer options, separated by commas. 

Default value: If you want one of the answer options to be suggested (filled in) for the participant, fill in that value here.

Help text: Add an explanation on the field, if desired e.g. instructions on how the participant should fill in the field.

For more information on the Non-editable and Use field for extra participants checkboxes, click on these links:

Copy data to extra participants: This is convenient when participants can add additional participants, such as from the same company. In that case the first participant (main participant or registrar) can add their company name and check off this checkbox, then the answer will be saved and suggested when they add the other participants. 

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